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About Me


Thank you for visiting Iconian Fonts. This site has been a labor of love for over the past five years. During the "day" I'm a commercial transaction attorney for a global software and service company. But I have always been somewhat artistic and graphically inclined. When I got my first PC some 24 years ago, I was instantly fascinated with truetype fonts. Over the years I collected them, scouring the Web at night for freeware and shareware fonts I had not seen before. Eventually I learned how to make fonts, and eventually after that I learned how to make my own web page. Now I've got my own domain name and have released over 1,000 fonts free for download here at Iconian.com. My fonts have been used and seen all over the world in all forms of media; from television shows to major motion pictures, from print advertisements to comic books and graphic novels, from band logos to logos of well known companies, and from CD covers to all types of other product packaging.

A born and bred native of Philadelphia, I've been a Texan for almost twenty years. Yes I have a job, and yes I have a life - a wonderful bride, three beautiful daughters and two family Schnauzers, to be precise! The site has grown to go beyond just fonts, including a Nick Fury Fanpage area and other desktop related downloads (wallpapers, icons, etc.). I've committed to make the time to continuously work on this webpage - I find it very rewarding, and that's reason enough to work hard at it.

I want to thank my wonderful wife for her patience and support as this hobby of mine consumes a lot of free time. Some wives are golf widows; mine is a font widow. But she has encouraged me every step of the way, and even named several of the fonts on this site.

I have made the fonts here available for download and free for any non-commercial use, because philosophicaly I believe that the free exchange of art is just as important to a society as the free exchange of information; which the Internet makes available to millions more each year. However, if you'd like to use a font commercially I ask that you make a donation of $20.00 USD which allows me to keep this site up and running and freeof advertsiements. And if you use a font somewhere, please feel free e-mail me and let me know. That's why I'm doing this... so that I can surf the Net and spot one of my fonts being used for someone's graphics. That thrills me to no end! That IS why I am doing this.

Dan Zadorozny
Iconian Fonts

Copyright 2007 Iconian Fonts. HTML Telmplate provided by http://www.quickness.uni.cc. All Rights Reserved.

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