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Below are various skins I have made for several applications that support skins. It's a great way to personalize your desktop. I hope to make more in the future. And if you don't particularly care for these skins, check out the homepage of the application - chances are you'll find a skin you love.

Quicknotes. Quicknotes is a nifty little program for pop-up notes on the fly. And it's easy to skin (if I can do it, trust me, you can). Going with the theme of my site, here's Iconian Notes and Iconian Notes Jet. Just click on the desktop button and up will pop one of these sleek pads. The skins even comes with their own "Iconian Notes" icon for your desktop.


Here's four other "Iconian" skins for Quicknotes, InterPad, Ico-Notes, Iconian Notes 3 and GreyPad:



BeatNik. BeatNik is a great skinnable clock that can be set by the atomic clock. It can also tell time in 12-hour, 24-hour or Internet Time. BeatNik is very configurable, and even supports animated gifs. Below are some skins, Black Bar, Black Bar 2 and Ico-Clock (be sure to install the included font files so that the skins look as shown below).



Consolable. Consolable is a skinnable command line utility to run programs or open web sites. It also has customizable internal commands that allow you to do many things such as shut down your computer or open the control panel. If you want quick access to system tools and all your commonly used programs through a highly customizable text-based interface, then Conslable is for you. Below are my first skins for Consolable, Ico-mand and Ico-mand 2, which are part of my loose "suite" of jet black skins based on my Iconian website. The only difference between the two is which side the "hide" button is facing to fit your preference for which side of your desktop (left or right) you'd like the application to align with. Again, be sure to install the included font file so that the skins look as shown below.


And here's a family set of 4 Consolable skins, Simplistico. This simple skin scheme (hence the name) comes in two sizes - longer and shorter (and each size has 2 versions, left and right to fit your preference for which side of your desktop you'd like it to align with. Simply click on the graphic of the version(s) you want to download the file.


Here's another family set of 6 Consolable skins, InterStrip. Another simple scheme, InterStrip is a command line that looks like its been carved right out of your desktop. Interstrip comes in regular (grey), teal and white versions, as well as left and right versions of each.




These 2 Consolable skins are jet black with a touch of art-deco in them - Black Bar and Black Bar 2.


My next family of Consolable skins is modeled after what a futuristic cigarette may look like. It's not a command line... it's Command Cigarette, a slick cigarette looking skin with 6 versions - Regular (left and right), Lit (left and right) and Red (left and right). Again, simply click on the graphic of the version(s) you want to download the file.




C-Line. These 2 neon-baby-blue Consolable skins have a cool "C" hide button with a transparent background. The C? "Command" of course. Be sure to install the included font file so that the skins look as shown below.


Based on the informal logo-symbol of my site, this Consolable command line skin features a 3-D wreath motif for the hide button. As with all my other Consolable skins, it comes in left and right versions - just click the graphic of the one(s) you want.


Aqualine - this Consolable skin is aqua colored with a bright aqua button for the "hide button." Both left and right versions of the Aqualine skin are included in the Zip file.


Not included on this page are a number of Nick Fury & SHIELD skins that are located on my "Nick Fury Fanpage" site. Go there if you want to see them.

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