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Bitmap Fonts

This page contains (i) my bitmap (.fon) fonts, (ii) links to the zip files of my Truetype fonts that also have a bitmap (.fon) version and (iii) my Truetype fonts that are not actual bitmap fonts but have a "bitmap" look to them.

1. Below are my true bitmap (.fon) fonts (not a bitmap looking truetype font), and as such are only available for the PC. Now I know what you're thinking... what good are bitmap fonts nowadays with the advent of Truetype? Granted, not too many applications can use bitmap fonts besides MS Paint. But what the heck, I wanted to be able to say that I had made some. And there are some uses for bitmap fonts; for instance, they can be used for the screen font on your desktop. Also, for web designers who want to embed fonts in their web pages, your average Truetype font is 30k in size, while your average bitmap (.fon) font is only 5k. That can make a noticeable difference in the load time of your page. So bitmap fonts are great to embed into web pages if you want get that extra customization without slowing up your page.

00 Starmap

Drid Herder
Missile Man
Za's Vid

2. Below are links to the zip files of my Truetype fonts that also include a bitmap version in the font family. As with the fonts above, the bitmap version in each of these zip files are true bitmap (.fon) fonts.

#44 Font, 911 Porscha, Airacobra, Aldo's Nova, Alexis, Bionic Comic, Bionic Type, Byte Police, Comic Book Commando, Dan's Hand, Dodger, Earth's Mightiest, Escape Artist, Gunship, Gyrfalcon, Han Solo, Harrier, Homeworld, Iconified, Jerusalem, Jumptroops, Keystone, Knights Templar, Kovacs, Kreeture, Legion, Lord of the Sith, Loveladies, Nick Turbo, Nostromo, Nyet, Officer Domenic, Ozymandias, Pandemonious Puffery, Quake & Shake, Quartermain, Quickstrike, Radio Space, Regulators, Replicant, Rocket Type, Rogue Hero, Sable Lion, Spy Lord, Stuntman, Terra Firma, The Rifleman, uni-sol, Universal Jack, U.S.A., Year 3000, Yellowjacket, Yukon Tech, Zyborgs

3. Below are those of my Truetype fonts that are not actual bitmap fonts, but rather emulate the "bitmap" look and style, a style that seems to becoming more popular lately.




Year 2000

Zen Masters

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